Custom Orders

I am happy to create anything in metal or beads as a custom order that has not been done in the past, but the vast majority of my custom designs are my soldered glass pendants*.  These designs can be repeated if you see something that has been sold that you would like.  Here are some ideas of what has been created or what could be designed:

New baby or Mother’s Day gift:  Baby’s name, Meaning of name, Associated Scripture, or Birth date on one side; Photo or Art paper or fabric swatch on reverse

Wedding gift:  Date or Quotation or Scripture on one side; lace or fabric swatch on reverse

Name pendant gift:  Name, Meaning, and Spiritual significance on one side; art paper on reverse

Memorial pendant:  Name with birth and passing dates on one side; photo or fabric swatch on reverse

A favorite quotation (has to be no more than 1 sentence that can fit on a 1 ½ x 1 ½ inch glass square) on one side; art paper on reverse

Pet lover’s gift:  Photo on one side; pet’s name on reverse

* Please note that I use a silver-containing solder that has a pewter finish; not a shiny sterling silver finish.  It will, however, tarnish over time due to the silver content.  I suggest keeping these pendants stored in a small, air-tight plastic bag with a small dessicant packet found in many items that are shipped (main content is usually silica gel or activated charcoal).  I save these when found in any items shipped to me just for this reason.  You can also use a silver polishing cloth to periodically wipe away tarnish.


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